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Push Up Board Gym Equipment Home Exercise Bar Sport Plank Fitness Abdominal Abs Workout Push-Ups Stands Chest Equipment

Push Up Board Gym Equipment Home Exercise Bar Sport Plank Fitness Abdominal Abs Workout Push-Ups Stands Chest Equipment

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Push Up Board: Gym Equipment

Home Exercise Equipment: Push Up Bar

Sport Equipment: Plank Fitness Equipment

Brand Name: NoEnName_Null

Form: Push-Up Rack Board

Function: Comprehensive Fitness Exercise

Origin: Mainland China

Type of sports: Strength Training

Choice: yes

semi_Choice: yes

Newly upgraded multifunctional smart push-up board

Precisely train yourself to save yourself from push-up difficulties

Help you accurately train muscles, train chest muscles, shoulders, latissimus dorsi, and triceps

Smart counting
ABS material
Folding storage
Four major divisions
Soft rubber grip
Pull rope assist

Newly upgraded push-up board with up to 30 functions

It has 30 push-up methods to help you accurately train your muscles, chest, shoulders, latissimus dorsi, and triceps in an all-round way.

Authoritative organization certification, quality and safety guaranteed

Quality is the life of a brand. Don’t give up on high standards and high-quality materials because of temporary compromises. You will find that it is really different.

Did you know that doing push-ups with bare hands is potentially harmful?

Improper push-up exercises can even cause various injuries to the body (muscle strains, cramps, sprains, etc.). They are also very limited, monotonous, and difficult to persist.

Exercise methods are monotonous and boring
Places great pressure on joints
Easy to cut hands due to environmental influences
Irregular movements can easily cause injury

Say goodbye to bare-handed push-ups from now on

Multi-functional smart push-up board with four precise zones to help you exercise accurately, giving you perfect upper body muscle groups

Intelligent counting LCD display helps scientific exercise

The push-up board counting function has been upgraded to free up your brain and focus on exercise. Three intelligent counting methods help you exercise scientifically.

Three counting methods for easy exercise

Can cover fitness training personnel at all stages
(Suitable for: junior students)
free count-mode
(Suitable for: Intermediate students)
(Suitable for: professional routine training)

Professional fitness guidance for targeted training of each muscle group

The four major sections provide professional training guidance for each part, allowing you to have perfect upper body muscle groups to prevent incorrect movement training from causing harm to the body.

Newly upgraded four major zones for precise training of different muscle groups

Red, yellow, blue and green respectively correspond to different partitions and also correspond to different muscle groups of the upper body.

Blue area (exercise chest muscles)
Red zone (shoulder training)
Yellow area (back exercise)
Green zone (triceps exercise)

Having a beautiful body is no longer a wishful thinking

All you need from a charming figure is a multifunctional push-up board

Innovative folding design, lightweight, portable and easy to store

Can be carried with you, you can open it during use and then fold it and store it in any corner after practicing.

Soft silicone handle that can be held for a long time without slipping or cocooning

The smooth handle effectively solves the problem of hand injuries and calluses caused by the handles of most similar products on the market when held for a long time.

ABS plastic frame can bear load up to 300KG

The entire push-up board is made of ABS plastic and is injection molded in one piece. Its stability and load-bearing capacity are greatly enhanced.

No matter the cost, thickening is just for safer exercise

In order to ensure the quality of use and a good experience, we have reinforced and thickened the floor to ensure your safety.

4+1 full body exercise to assist full body training and shaping

Multi-functional auxiliary tension rope helps train other parts and gives the body a full range of exercise

Suitable for all kinds of ground fitness, no need to choose the venue

Helps you to exercise normally on various surfaces without letting your training be affected by the environment.

Push-up board product details

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Push Up Board Gym Equipment Home Exercise Bar Sport Plank Fitness Abdominal Abs Workout Push-Ups Stands Chest Equipment

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